Quality management

Holdur Car Rental is a prominent player in the Icelandic car rental industry, dedicated to providing the best possible service to its customers.

Holdur Iceland car rental staff quality management

- We were the first car rental company in Iceland to acquire certification according to the international quality standard ISO 9001.

The Quality Policy of Holdur Car Rental Iceland


Holdur car Rental - Europcar Iceland is a leading company on the Icelandic car rental market that strives to serve its customers in the best possible way.

The company defines itself as service driven and flexible with customers‘ needs in mind at all times and has punctuality, honesty, cleanliness and good service as its main objectives.


  • The company strives to employ reliable and positive people in a work environment comprised of initegrity, safety, respect and well-being. An effort is made to educate the staff, from recruitment of new staff members with re-ecucation and provision of various courses.

  • Personal service is a key factor in the daily operations of the company where the staffs‘ attitude is vital. Serving the customer is always the prime objective and they are attended to in a quick and professional manner. We make an effort to meet the different requirements of the customers and our motto is „Your Needs - Our Service“.

  • We put great emphasis on the appearance of our company. Our logo is prominently displayed at all our stations and we place importance on cleanliness outside and indoors. Our staff wears proper uniforms and treats their work environment with respect.

  • We are constantly working on improvements in information technology and we strive to use the latest technical solutions in our operations at any given time. Maintaining a digital culture within our company is an important factor in our mission as well as making sure our staff is adequately prepared to work in digital environment. Sharing digital information with our customers, staff and others is a vital part of our operations.

  • The company is very ambitious in providing a variety of new and recent cars of all sizes and models that meet our customers‘ demands for safety, quality and eco-friendliness.
  • Every effort is made to make constant progress in the operation. We seek every opportunity to maximize results, learn from experience and do better today than we did yesterday.

  • The company is determined to fulfil its commitments and contracts with its customers, staff and others as well as abiding by laws and regulations set by authorities.

  • As a pioneer in the Icelandic car rental industry the company has a long and successful history. Its management is anxious to run a good and well known company with an acceptable profit and thus ensuring its continuing growth and progress.