Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that web pages save on your computer, phone or smart device when you visit them. Cookies are generally used to improve the interface and user experience of the website and so that the website will remember important information from your previous visits. Cookies are safe; they do not contain code and cannot be used to access your computer.

Why does Höldur ehf. use cookies?

We use cookies to measure visits to our website. Traffic to the site is measured by Google Analytics. This means that the following are registered: the time and date of visits to the site, the IP addresses of those who visit it and from what website the visit is from, the type of browser and operating system, what keywords users use to access the site as well as to find content within it. Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, such as remembering what a user has chosen in a booking engine whilst connected to the site and may also be used for security purposes. Session cookies are deleted when the user leaves the website and are not stored in the long term. Permanent cookies are stored on a user’s computer and store the user’s choices or selections on the site. No attempts are made to link the visit to personally identifiable information.

How can you delete cookies?

All browsers offer a restriction on the use of cookies; it is possible to disable them in browser settings. This is done differently between browsers, but you can find instructions in the Help options of the browser you are using. You can also delete cookies already saved. The steps to delete cookies differ between browsers, but instructions on this can be found in the Help options of the browser you are using.