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Long-Term car rental solutions in Iceland by Holdur Car Rental


Long-Term Car Rental Solutions Tailored to You

When considering long-term car rentals, it's important to weigh all factors. Owning a car involves various expenses, from finance installments to maintenance and unexpected repairs. These costs can quickly accumulate, along with factors like resale risk and fluctuating market values. At Holdur Car Rental - Europcar Iceland, we offer a hassle-free solution to these concerns. With our long-term car rental service, you'll pay a single monthly fee and enjoy driving a recent model, well-maintained vehicle without the worries of ownership.

Our fleet consists of cars that are typically one to three years old, ensuring both reliability and safety. Each vehicle undergoes regular supervision and maintenance by our service departments, guaranteeing that you receive a car that meets all safety standards and is in optimal condition.

Renting from us is simple and convenient. When you pick-up your long-term rental car, you'll sign the rental agreement, and payments will be conveniently debited from your credit card on a monthly basis. Our rental package includes all routine maintenance, service inspections, and even tire changes, ensuring that your driving experience remains seamless throughout the rental period. In the rare event that a service takes longer than 60 minutes, we provide a complimentary loaner car.

Furthermore, our rental fee encompasses vehicle registration fees and comprehensive insurance, offering you peace of mind on the road. We offer three levels of comprehensive insurance coverage, allowing you to tailor your protection based on your needs.

Flexibility is key to our service. You can choose from different mileage options per month and lease durations ranging from 12 to 36 months, with options available for electric cars up to 48 months. If your needs change during the rental period, we're here to accommodate adjustments to the agreement.

At Holdur Car Rental, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We understand that circumstances can change unexpectedly, and we're committed to being flexible. If your situation requires a different type of car or a change in the rental agreement, we'll do our best to accommodate your needs, though this may involve additional costs in some cases.


For a stress-free multi-month car rental experience, choose Holdur - Europcar.


Customer collecting lease vehicle for long-term rental at Holdur- Europcar in Iceland

Discover the Convenience of Long-Term Rentals

Since 1966, we've been pioneering long-term car rentals in Iceland, catering to both corporate and individual needs. With over 7,000 cars in our extensive fleet, we offer a diverse range of vehicles, ensuring we can promptly fulfill almost any request. From compact cars to spacious SUVs and versatile commercial vehicles, we've got you covered.


Client walking past a long term rental car at Europcar - Holdur in Iceland

Why Choose Long-Term Rental with Us?

Comprehensive Coverage: Say goodbye to unexpected expenses. Our rental packages include all routine maintenance, service inspections, and oil services, providing you with a clear overview of operating costs.

All-Inclusive Benefits: Enjoy the convenience of included summer and winter tires, tire changes, insurance, and vehicle fees, simplifying your rental experience.

Flexible Contracts: Tailor your rental period to suit your needs, with options ranging from 3 to 48 months. Need to change your vehicle during the contract? No problem. We offer flexibility to accommodate your evolving requirements.

Complimentary Loan Cars: We understand that service appointments can disrupt your plans. That's why we provide a free loan car if your service takes longer than 60 minutes, ensuring minimal inconvenience.

Easy Booking: Schedule oil services and tire changes effortlessly through our dedicated long term website, streamlining the rental process for your convenience.

Nationwide Service: With service points across the country, we're always ready to assist you, ensuring a seamless rental experience wherever you go.

Long-Term Rental Available on Tesla Model Y in Iceland

Experience the Benefits Today

With long-term rental solutions from us, you'll enjoy hassle-free driving with no capital tie-up, consistent cash flow, full transparency, and zero resale risk. Join thousands of satisfied customers nationwide and experience the difference with us.

Contact us at langtimaleiga@holdur.is today to explore your options and hit the road with confidence.


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