Driving Sustainability in Icelandic Car Rental

In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important, Holdur Car Rental, a prominent Europcar car rental franchise in Iceland, stands out as a pioneer in adopting sustainable practices. The company's commitment to environmental protection is evident in its achievement of being the first car rental in Iceland to receive certification according to the ISO14001 environmental standard. Holdur Car Rental recognizes the significance of aligning its operations with societal and environmental values and is dedicated to continuous improvement to minimize its environmental impact.

Holdur is Iceland´s Green Car Rental

Training and Compliance

At the core of Holdur Car Rental's environmental initiatives is a focus on employee awareness and compliance with environmental policies. The company is committed to ensuring that its staff is well-trained and informed about its environmental policy. Furthermore, Holdur Car Rental is steadfast in adhering to all relevant laws and regulations related to environmental matters, reinforcing its commitment to responsible business practices.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To address the pressing issue of climate change, Holdur Car Rental has set ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its fleet. A key strategy involves considering CO2 emissions when acquiring new vehicles. By prioritizing environmentally friendly options during fleet expansion and upgrades, the company aims to contribute to the overall reduction of carbon emissions associated with its operations.

Waste Management and Resource Optimization

Recognizing the importance of waste reduction and resource optimization, Holdur Car Rental has implemented comprehensive waste management practices. The company actively encourages its staff to sort waste and emphasizes the efficient utilization of raw materials. The promotion of reusing materials whenever possible is a testament to Holdur Car Rental's commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint.

Environmental Monitoring and Awareness

Holdur Car Rental has embraced the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management, emphasizing the importance of systematic monitoring. This proactive approach ensures that the company remains vigilant in identifying areas for improvement and consistently adheres to the highest environmental standards. The promotion of environmental awareness among employees further strengthens the company's commitment to responsible resource management.

Customer Education and Engagement

In addition to internal initiatives, Holdur Car Rental actively engages with its customers to promote environmentally friendly practices. The company informs its clients about energy-efficient driving techniques and encourages consideration for Iceland's unique natural environment. By fostering a sense of responsibility among customers, Holdur Car Rental seeks to create a collective impact towards sustainable and mindful travel practices.

Green Accounting and Annual Environmental Reporting

Holdur Car Rental goes beyond internal measures by adopting green accounting practices. Keeping track of environmental metrics allows the company to assess its impact and make informed decisions towards sustainability. Additionally, Holdur Car Rental issues an annual environmental report to inform the public about its environmental performance. This commitment to transparency reinforces the company's dedication to accountability and environmental responsibility.

Support for Re-vegetation Projects

Holdur Car Rental actively contributes to the restoration of Iceland's natural landscapes through its support for re-vegetation projects. By investing in initiatives aimed at preserving and restoring local ecosystems, the company demonstrates a holistic commitment to environmental stewardship beyond its operational boundaries.


Re-vegetation Project in Holasandur Iceland

Iceland´s Green Car Rental

Holdur Car Rental - Europcar Franchisee's environmental initiatives showcase a comprehensive and proactive approach towards sustainability.

By obtaining ISO14001 certification, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, implementing efficient waste management, and engaging with both employees and customers, the company exemplifies the integration of environmental responsibility into its core values.

Through these initiatives, Holdur Car Rental not only contributes to the preservation of Iceland's natural beauty but sets a commendable standard for responsible and sustainable business practices in the car rental industry.