Pricelist for missing or damaged items

Replacement Tire (1pc)

Small passenger cars

ISK 20000

Medium passenger cars

ISK 25000

Large passenger cars

ISK 30000

Luxury passenger cars

ISK 60000

Small SUVs

ISK 35000

Medium SUVs

ISK 45000

Large SUVs

ISK 60000

Small People Carriers and Cargo Vans

ISK 30000

Medium People Carriers and Cargo Vans

ISK 35000

Large People Carriers and Cargo Vans

ISK 40000

Refueling charge

25% added to pump price, maximum charge ISK 2500

Charging & administration fee

ISK 15000 charged if Electric Vehicle is returned with less than 60% of battery remaining

Towing Cost

Normal roads

ISK 300 per km / minimum charge ISK 30000

Mountain roads (F-roads)

ISK 360 per km / minimum charge ISK 36000

Cleaning Fees

Motorhome & Camper Cleaning Fee

ISK 12500

Motorhome & Camper WC Fee

ISK 18000

Smoking Fine & Cleaning Fee

ISK 25000

Pet Cleaning Fee

ISK 25000

Missing Extras


ISK 16000


ISK 45000

Child seat (0-12 month)

ISK 35000

Child seat (1-3 years)

ISK 35000

Child eat (4-7 years)

ISK 22000

Child Booster Seat

ISK 12500

Lost or damaged items

Car Keys

ISK 80000

License Number Plate

ISK 15000


Violation of Driving Restrictions

Fine for driving passenger cars or 2wd vehicle on roads that are marked with an F on public maps, as well as driving Kjölur (road 35) or Kaldidalur (road 550).

ISK 250000